Dance, Dance, Dance to the Radio

A tumblr just for music. All our favorite bands and songs, and some we pick up along the way. This tumblr is runned by Cat, and Ana. Don´t be affraid to send us asks and tell us suggestions or opinions. Mostly have fun and enjoy good music.



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  1. welcome-to-your-hell:

    Capitão Fausto - Supernova

  2. 123 plays
    The Kills
    Getting Down
    Midnight Boom


    Getting Down - The Kills

    (Source: amarettosours)

  3. 15,695 plays
    the black keys
    howlin' for you

    howlin’ for you - the black keys

  4. l—u—n—a:

    No you boys

  5. 1,029 plays
    Arctic Monkeys
    Still Take You Home
    Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not

    Arctic Monkeys - Still take you home

    But what do you know?
    Oh you know nothing

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  6. 509 plays
    The Black Keys
    Sinister Kid


    The Black Keys | Sinister Kid

  7. talkshowhostmusic:

    Rather random video but really like how these guys sound… Memória de Peixe - Estrela Morena

  8. 969 plays


    Light My Fire,The Doors

  9. Lust for Life by Girls 

    Oh, I wish had a suntanI wish I had a pizza and a bottle of wineI wish I had a beachouse, then we could make a big fire every night.

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  10. circumcise:

    Bon Iver - Holocene